14 02 2008

My sweet daughters, both of fiery spirit

Like their mother, love to argue for argument’s sake.

They fly to flame. No, rather, they put bellows to cinder.

They can’t help themselves. In some places, it is unseemly.


Cruel even.

In our home it is high art.

We have, after all, been brought up to spar

as though lighting the warming evening fire–

All of us on our Irish side

On the historian’s side–

Valuing the slow burn of a perfectly

Wrought argument

As it throws sparks

Across the table at hapless

Guest, sibling or


Igniting idea, conviction,





3 responses

19 02 2008

barbara –
just happened to be bumping around your site(s).
what a lovely poem. maybe lovely isn’t the right word, but the turn you make to view the combat as warmth is real and true and, yes, lovely.

much –
daniel weinshenker
(from cds)

19 02 2008

Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving your comment. It means a lot to have a Center for Digital Storytelling-er find his way here! I am interested in playing with digital stories of many many forms these days–hypertext, multimedia, classic CDS forms as well.


2 03 2008
Sara Armstrong

Dear Barbara,

I came across your site while doing some writing about blogging as a Web 2.0 tool for classroom use. I love your exercises, and agree with Daniel (I’m very loosely affiliated with CDS, too) about the power of your poem. Thanks for sharing such good ideas!


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