23 01 2008

After college, after six months wandering about Asia, I moved to a southern California surfer town to experience winter as I had never known it: snow-free. I worked in an art gallery, cruised the coast, watched the local surfers on the waves and in the bars. The sun shone. Steadily. I’d stop the car to rescue avocados fallen from the trees onto the pavement; in the yard I’d pick oranges, lemons and limes and wonder how people could take this place seriously, how they got anything done, how they stayed sane with the weather…so…perfect, without modulation, without season, without snow.




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23 01 2008

When I first read this piece, my reaction was: she should do a longer one on this experience! After I recovered from being reminded of my home state a bit, I believe the 100 word constraint made the work that much more visceral. You created rhythm in the piece, (perhaps mimicking the rhythm of life you experienced) by repeating phrases: “after…” “I’d stop” “I’d pick” “how they” “without” etc. What a great technique to use. Just thought I’d let you know I learned something from reading it.


25 01 2008

I’m glad you liked the repetition, Kyle, something we prose writers can borrow from the poets. I’m finding the 100-word project a great opportunity to mess around not only with subject matter, with memory and compression, but with approaches to sentences, sounds, and imagery.

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